Our Story

My brother-in-law, Clayton Cutler, and I dreamed of making fine Tennessee whiskey. A radiologist and an engineer.  What were we thinking?  We didn't find our grandfather's moonshine recipe in the barn or anything incredible like that.  But we were interested in carrying on Southern distilling tradition and in using time-honored techniques combined with a modern, fresh approach. We wanted to make our own whiskey, with our own hands, using the finest ingredients.

We began arduous research on technique and the results were encouraging. We came to believe that we could make premium spirits to rival the best available anywhere.


In 2009, Tennessee enacted a new law legalizing distilleries in 41 counties.  Our dreaming turned into more serious planning.  In 2011, we decided it was time to strike.  28 acres were purchased outside Lynnville in Giles County. Large copper pot still acquired. Building constructed. Federal license obtained.  Lots of labor, money, time, red tape, sweat and tears. Some episodes too painful to mention. Groundbreaking ceremony.  Whiskey production and barreling started. Traditional Tennessee moonshine formula perfected.


Finally in August 2013, our first product, All Purpose Shine, reached retail stores in Tennessee. Currently, we are rolling out Abernathy Gin, Black Mule Vodka, and Blackberry Shine while continuing to distill and age our whiskey. That is our history in a nutshell. The rest of our story is unwritten. We are making excellent small batch spirits rooted in Tennessee whiskey-making tradition. The process of marketing them is underway. If you appreciate our products, give us a hand and spread the word.

Thanks for your support,

Blair Butler

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